Welcome to our Parish Website!

Our Parish is Served by
Rev. Octavio E. Gonzalez C., Parish Administrator
Rev. Joseph Nguyen Do, Parish Assistant
Rev. Biao (Bill) Wu, In Residence
Rev. John Prada. In Residence
Rev. Paul Houlis, In Residence
Susana Vilela Morgado, Administrative Assistant
Fred Osterkorn, III, Choir Director & D.R.E.
Sister Dong Hong Marie Zhang, CSSF


New Parish Members
If you would like to Register in the Parish please use our Parish Registration Information Form.
If you are not receiving any Parish correspondence it means you are not registered at our parish.
Sponsor certificates cannot be given unless the person is registered and active in parish.

Baptisms: For information please call the office. NO BAPTISMS DURING LENT
Reconciliation: Holy Cross – Saturdays 3:30pm-4:15pm; St Anthony- By Appointment or at Holy Cross
Anointing of the Sick: Sick calls & homebound visits are made. Please contact rectory for more information.
Matrimony: As per Common Policy for Marriage of the Newark Archdiocese couples must make arrangements with the parish

priest at least (1) one year in advance for the proper pre-marital preparation.